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How to choose Carat Size?

If you are on the lookout for a diamond and wondering how to choose the carat size that will be best for you? There is no “true” answer but we have some good tips for you.

The first thing you must understand is that the carat size of the diamond has the most effect on its price. So basically your budget will set a very specific carat weight range for you. Within this range you can balance the other quality traits of the diamond - mainly colour and clarity.

If you aspire to have a larger carat size for your diamond while working within a budget constraint, consider emphasising oversized diamonds. An oversized diamond falls within the higher range of its weight group. The pricing structure for diamonds is categorised by weight groups. For instance, the base price per carat for diamonds weighing between 0.50-0.69 carats is the same and lower than those weighing 0.70 carats or more. Therefore, opting for a diamond that is 0.60 carats or slightly larger allows you to stay within the price range associated with 0.5 carats.

Another important tip for people who are focusing on the diamond size, is looking at the “size perception”. A diamond carat is not only replaced on the top surface of the diamond but on its whole. In shaped diamonds you can see huge differences in the surface of the diamond - an oval 1 carat can look like 1.20 and another oval 1.00 carat can look like a 0.80 carat since it has a thick girdle. So consider not only the carat weight but the diamond’s measurements as well. 

Another completely different way of looking at this question of how to choose a carat size is making a comparison with your peers. How much carat did your friend buy? What is the national average? How many carats did her friends get? And so on. We live in a social setting and this is a legitimate query and a good way to choose a diamond carat range. 


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Another thing you might want to consider is your “meant to be” profession. For example, we often hear from women that work in laboratories and medicine, that they frequently use gloves and normally will feel more comfortable with choosing a smaller carat size. Women with very small fingers sometimes prefer a compatible carat size that will not look too big or flashy. 

In round diamonds, you can often see diamonds of the same carat weight that appear different in size because of their cut grade. A well-cut diamond reflects light effectively, making it visually larger than a poorly cut one.

Another consideration can be the style of the jewellery. If you are going for a halo setting, where the centre diamond is surrounded by small diamonds, you can take a smaller diamond and still maintain an impressive look - size wise. This can allow you to focus more on the diamonds quality and not only on the diamonds carat. 

Ultimately, the art of choosing the ideal carat size involves a delicate dance between personal preferences, practical considerations, and budgetary constraints. By navigating these factors thoughtfully, you can select a diamond that not only reflects your style but also aligns seamlessly with your lifestyle and values.

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