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Feeling Lost in the World of Diamonds?

Tips to help you pick the Ideal Christmas Gift for Your Partner

Discover the Secrets to Choosing the Right Diamond Jewellery for Christmas!

01: How Much Is Just Right?

The Secret to Choosing the Best Christmas Diamond jewellery as a gifting option in a Budget: Although choosing a budget is a personal choice, we advise establishing a range to help you focus your search for diamond jewelry. For example, you may discover that a ring or pendant is a better option than earrings or bracelets if your budget is tight. This method keeps you from becoming sucked into the world of diamond jewelry’s lavish spending while also guaranteeing that you stay within your means.”

02: Shine on a Budget

When working with less than SGD 1000, Modifying Your Budget.

Consider concentrating on smaller diamonds or more reasonably priced gemstones if your budget is extremely limited (less than SGD 1000).

You will find several beautiful choices that are reasonably priced, like Tanzanite, Topaz, and Citrine.” At dianoche, we also have a collection of professionally restored jewellery which can fit into your budget below 1000$.

03: Gathering Insights through Research

If at all possible, look at her present jewelry selections to get a basic understanding of her diamond jewelry for christmas gift preferences.

Pay attention to the little details, such as her preferred gold color (rose, yellow, or white). Check to see if she typically wears delicate or statement jewelry.

Consider other factors as well, such as the length of her necklace and ring, and attempt to measure things that she already owns. Examine this ring sizing guide.

04: From Mystery to Mastery

Take a closer look at your partner's current jewelry collection if you get the chance. Take note of the small things, like her favorite color of gold (rose, yellow, or white), and see if she usually chooses delicate or bold jewelry.

Also, gently measure any jewellery she already owns and make a note of the average lengths of the necklaces and rings she wears.

Consult an extensive ring sizing guide to guarantee accurate ring sizing.

05: Smart Shopping Tips

Always ensure a Hassle-Free Exchange and Return Policy” Like what we offer in Dianoche, we have exchange and returns within 7 days of purchase. We also allow you to upgrade your jewellery anytime after your purchase by just paying the difference.

06: Unleash Uniqueness

Invest in a colorful Christmas gift by exploring the world of bright hues. Stunning alternatives are provided by gemstones and naturally colored diamonds. This holiday season, think about giving a Ruby, which is a brilliant red, or an Emerald, which is a luscious green.

07: Listen Closely

The Clues to the Ideal Christmas Jewelry Gift May Already Be in Your Hands.

Pay Attention to the Hints She Drops!

Most of the time, all you have to do is pay attention to find the answer. She may have sent you an image or perhaps told you if her friend got something she liked. If she pointed out something to you when you were strolling down the street, make a note of it. When it comes to selecting the ideal jewelry to give as a Christmas present, all of those comments that were made by coincidence might be quite beneficial.

08: Confidants

She has a bestie, a sister, a close mother? Someone that knows her well and is also discrete? Get them to help!

As part of the Dianoche family, we hope that this collection of tips, born from years of expertise, will assist you in selecting the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one.”

09: Become your own Designer

In case she has a very unique palate and you feel it’s too hard for you to choose the design from the current trends in the market – make it easy for you both and surprise her by choosing the center diamond for Christmas,  After the holidays, give her a Bespoke service experience where she can design the piece herself. While there are many options in Singapore, we are among the best at providing you with a personalized 3D model render of your jewelry 48 hours after you place your purchase.

You can visit our showroom with her and work with her to design the piece of her dreams. We promise that you two will have an incredible time.

Book your appointment via  for bespoke diamond jewellery design services at +65 8854 3241.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Christmas Gift for Your Loved One!

Welcome to our Christmas Sale, where the festive spirit meets elegance! Explore our collection of professionally restored, one-of-a-kind pieces that shine with the brilliance of sparkling diamonds like never before. The festive magic won't last forever.


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